[Recommended] Young Environmentalist Battling Climate

[Recommended] Young Environmentalist Battling Climate

This is due in 8 hours 

Read the articles below: 

 Kevin Patel on Founding OneUpAction and Battling Climate Change (menshealth.com) 

The second article in the attachment (read the attachment) 

answer the following questions from articles: 

 From “I’m a Young Environmentalist Battling Climate Change through Tiny Actions”

1. What environmental issue in LA sparked Patel’s desire to pursue environmental justice?


2. Have you heard the term “sacrifice zones” before reading this article? Based on the article, what do you think it means? How do you feel about the existence of “sacrifice zones”?

From “Why is California Still Drilling for Oil Despite its Ambitious Climate Goals?”

3. Answer the question from the title: Why is California drilling for oil despite its ambitions climate goals?


4. Had you heard about this oil spill before reading this article? What had you heard? How do you feel about the oil spill?

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