[Recommended] Write 1 – 2

[Recommended] Write 1 – 2

Your first task will be to identify a subject that you could conceivably write about in your graduate studies. For example, you may be working on a Masters in Information Technology, and you have an interest in virtual identities. 

(I am pursuing my degree is Masters Of Business Administration With A Concentration of Entrepreneurship) – Tatyanna

Your next step will be to identify 3 resources on the subject using the CTU Library and the Internet.

Use this template to complete the remaining steps of this assignment. 

For each article, you should identify which criteria it meets or does not meet. Try to find 1 article that fits each of the following (3 total): 

  • 1 resource should be a high-quality resource that meets all of the criteria. 
  • 1 resource should be a solid-quality resource that meets some of the criteria and could still be useful for your research. 
  • 1 resource should be a poor resource that meets few of the criteria and should not be included in your research. 

Next, write 1–2 sentences discussing the quality of the article. Then, write a short paragraph explaining the subject matter you identified. The paragraph should include the following: 

  • An overview of the topic. 
  • What you learned from your resources. 
  • Why subject is interesting to you and/or your reader. 

Finally, write a properly-formatted APA reference for each resource. Upload your assignment to the Submissions area of this assignment. Review the Individual Project tutorial, if needed. 

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