After reading chapter 1, complete the following assignment:

Write a 50 to 200-word email to your (hypothetical) boss about one of the following unethical activities you have witnessed in your workplace. Your email must be carefully documented, fair, and persuasive–in short, ethical. 

  • cyberbullying
  • surfing pornography websites
  • using workplace technology for personal matters (shopping, dating, buying stocks)
  • falsifying compensatory or travel time
  • telling sexist, off-color jokes
  • concealing the use of company funds for personal gifts for fellow employees
  • misdating or backdating company records
  • sharing privileged information with individuals outside your department or company
  • fudging the number of hours worked
  • lying about family illnesses
  • exaggerating a workplace-related injury
  • not reporting a second job to avoid scheduled weekend work
  • misrepresenting, by minimizing, a client’s complaint. 

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