[Recommended] Wilmington University Library Sources

[Recommended] Wilmington University Library Sources



Locate a current job opportunity in the homeland security/crisis planning/risk management profession. 

  • Identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities described in the posting as being prerequisites for the position.
  • Conduct a self-assessment in terms of which job requirements you  currently possess and how to achieve the requirements which you do not  currently have. 
  • Option #1: Complete a two (2) page written assignment in APA format describing the posting and your self-assessment. OR (not both) 
  • Option #2: Complete a one-page resume and match your skills with the  current job opportunity. (NOTE: if you are not seeking a position in  the homeland security field, revert to Option #1)

Resources for Assessment:

  • Open source websites on crisis management, Wilmington University library sources in Social & Behavioral Science.

This activity is matched to the following Learning Outcomes:  Research, Construct, and deliver professional presentations using a  variety of communication tools and techniques, Examine the leadership  qualities that are essential for successful crisis managers, and Analyze and discuss the essential leadership qualities of crisis managers in the context of a variety of crisis situations.

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