Assignment: Align Security Policy Frameworks to Business Objectives

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

§ Research IT security policy frameworks.

§ Describe how some frameworks relate to an industry-specific organization.

Assignment Requirements

You work as a junior security analyst for a governmental organization with Department of Defense (DoD) ties. Your manager has asked you to:

§ Identify and explain three business considerations relating to security policy frameworks

§ Describe the factors relating to them, especially for a DoD-focused organization

Your organization’s long-term strategic goal is to make DoD its primary focus of business. In doing so, your organization will be faced with a different set of business considerations—that is, DoD contracts, their security level requirements, and their time constraints.

For this assignment:

1. Research security policy frameworks appropriate for a DoD-focused organization.

2. Create a table showing three DoD frameworks and align them to your firm’s business considerations and goal of becoming a DoD-focused organization.

3. Create a summary report with an introduction describing business considerations relating to a DoD-supplier organization, the table you created in Step 1, and a conclusion that includes rationale for choosing the frameworks.

Required Resources

§ Course textbook

§ Internet access

Submission Requirements

§ Format: Microsoft Word (or compatible) 

§ Font: Times New Roman, size 12, double-space 

§ Citation Style: APA

§ Length: 1–2 pages

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