[RECOMMENDED]: Unit 1: Short Stories

[RECOMMENDED]: Unit 1: Short Stories

 Address your response to any of the topics, not ones you chose for your main post.

  • Your main post should be about 150-200 words and should include specific references and details  (paraphrases or direct quotes with MLA documentation) to the assigned reading.
  • Provide your own commentary–your opinion, observations, commentary on connections to current issues/texts, etc. You can refer to movies, tv, other cultural experiences and observations too.
  • Respond to at least one other post in about 100-150 words. You might react to the original post, add a counter point/ interpretation, etc. Just try to advance the discussion in a meaningful way.
  • 10 pts. for main posting; 5 pts. for response You must cite any outside sources.  You will not receive credit for material copied and pasted from the internet.

 Specific Course Requirements:    • Competence in basic grammar, usage, spelling, mechanics, punctuation, and stylistic elements of writing, as well as citation conventions for MLA.  

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