[Recommended] Two Questions Per Page

[Recommended] Two Questions Per Page

Please answer each question individually. Two questions per page please


 Reading the poem “The Creation” from Metamorphoses, what are  some similarities you see here with other creation myths? How does this  set up the issues to come in the rest of Ovid?  


 What are some notable similarities that you see between the Bible and the Qur’an? What are some differences?  


How does the story of Beowulf as a hero differ from the earlier versions we have read like Achilles, Gilgamesh, or Ramayana? 


 What is the effect of the frame tale on the story? Is it different than Ovid? How so?  


 How is the depiction of the Wife of Bath different than the depiction of  women in the other stories we have read? Is this a sort of feminist  character?  


 Describe the similarities between Sunjata and other epic heros we have encountered this semester. 


 How does Cervantes use humor to satirize the world that Don Quixote  creates in his head? What is the purpose of humor in this situation? How  does the text meet the genre standards of satire?  


How does Rama demonstrate a sense of “duty” in the Ramayana?

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