[Recommended] Two Companies Space Matrices

[Recommended] Two Companies Space Matrices

Answer the following questions

1. A company in Miami has a functional structure, and based on the new strategy; they want to expand their business to other states too. They are wondering if they need to change their current structure. As a consultant, how do you advise them? Which structure is appropriate for their new strategies? Also, inform them of some drawbacks of the new structure.

2. According to the result of the two companies SPACE matrices, the intersection point of the first company is ( -5, +2), and the XY point of the second one is (-1, -5). What are the appropriate quadrants for these two companies? What type of strategies will you recommend for these two organizations?

3. What is the best organizational design for a company that has a set of unrelated businesses in which each business is operated by a general manager?

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