[Recommended] Times New Roman Font

[Recommended] Times New Roman Font


Write a 5-7 (including references) page analytical research paper outlining your topic. 

  • Topic: Physical Therapy and its roles in mental health 

·  Seek out a minimum of 6 sources on this topic.  

·  Address topics in the paper such as pros and cons. For example, in the above topic, “how physical therapy might improve patient’s mental health,” and so on… (The topics are endless, just let the research drive your writing)  

· This analytical research paper should be written in APA format.  This includes:

  • §  12 pt. Times New Roman font
  • §  Double spacing
  • §  1” margins on all sides
  • §  Cover Page and Reference Page using appropriate formatting
  • §  In-text citations using appropriate formatting
  • §  Headings that match APA style 

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