[Recommended] Times New Roman Font

[Recommended] Times New Roman Font

 Provide a 3+ page critical Literary Analysis on one of the novels in the reading selection. You MUST provide primary sources from the text and secondary sources from relevant secondary sources. Follow MLA guidelines for all parenthetical citations (in-text citations) and Works Cited page.  

  • ARGUE a position, slant, or lens using textual evidence. Analysis is argument. And it is far from “mere opinion.”  It relies upon close reading and textual evidence, not fluffy meanderings or empty “I FEEL’s.”
  • Provide a working THESIS that encompasses that textual evidence:


  • Original title, only incorporating underline, italics, or quotations if appropriate
  • 12 pt Type and Times New Roman Font
  • One inch margins
  • Double-spaced throughout, including the items in the heading as well as between the heading and title and the title and body
  • Parenthetical (In-text) citation and Works Cited page

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