[Recommended] Three North American Locations

[Recommended] Three North American Locations

this week we roll out the short term IT plan for Reynolds. This is typically a 3 – 6 month plan, maybe including multiple projects, to assess how IT will meet the company strategy and goals. The immediate goal is integrating all three North American locations; what investments need to be made, what choices need to be made to quickly get the new operation functional, and to prepare for the Intermediate Plan, which is longer-term.

For this assignment, you will write a 3-page short-range strategic IS plan for Reynolds Tool & Die that includes a summary of where the company wants to go (its goals) and where it is capable of going right now (based on its current IT infrastructure). Then, you will recommend specific purchases and strategies necessary to make its IT function capable of supporting the company’s goals. Your plan should address outsourcing and the facilitation of business expansion into new markets, new regions, and new countries.

Carefully read the week 3 assignment instructions in the attached file

Review the course scenario in the attached file

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