[Recommended] Term Transition Planning Process

[Recommended] Term Transition Planning Process


1. Share an example of a cross-curricular lesson, including the subjects and skills the lesson would support. Additionally, discuss how you could use the lesson to meet the individualized needs of students. (250 words and 2 references, see resources below) 

2. Review “High-Leverage Practices on Special Education: Assessment: Research Syntheses.” Based on the high-leverage practices (HLPs) for assessment, describe three ways to provide students with disabilities feedback on formative assessments and help prepare them for summative assessments. (250 words and 2 references, see resources below)

Resources you can use for questions 1 &2 





3. Describe three ways language, culture, and family background can influence student learning and discuss why it is important for teachers to consider these factors during the lesson planning process. Support your ideas using real-world examples. (250 words and 2 references, see resources below)

4. Collecting data is an important part of ensuring students are progressing towards their goals. However, classroom teachers have many responsibilities to consider and balance when instructing and supporting students. Provide at least one strategy for efficiently ensuring data is collected on a busy instructional day. (250 words and 2 references, see resources below)

Resources you can use for questions 3 &4 








5. Explain why including students in transition planning is essential and describe two strategies you can use to incorporate students into the transition planning process. (250 words and 2 references, see resources below)

6. Once students reach the age of 16, federal law requires that they be included in the IEP planning process. Discuss two pros of including students in the long-term transition planning process prior to the age of 16 and provide examples to support your ideas. (250 words and 2 references, see resources below)

Resources you can use for questions 5 & 6 







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