[Recommended] Television Situation Comedies Depict

[Recommended] Television Situation Comedies Depict

Social norms are unique to different cultures. The extents to which individuals endorse and apply their social understanding in their daily lives vary in different cultures. Individuals’ adherence to these social beliefs guides their living. One of the unique characteristics of American culture is adaption of a multitude of cuisines. Whenever you go to a mall, you find food outlets serving cuisines from around the world ranging from pizzas and pastas to sweet and sour chicken and burgers and fries. Even regional foods from various parts of the country, such as Cajun chicken and sourdough bread, are available.

  • Explain why various regions of the United States have different social norms. Often, television situation comedies depict family life in a generalized, even stereotypical way. Compare and contrast the social norms depicted in television programs with the same social norms where you live.
  • Explain the reason why or why not the U.S. eclectic dining habits demonstrate the diverse nature of U.S. culture.

Justify your answers with appropriate reasoning and research from your text and course readings.  initial posts need to include BOTH in text citations and references formatted per APA rules. You can only use peer reviewed and scholarly sources to support your work. Your posts should also be a minimum of 200- 250 words for your primary posts and at least 75- 100 words for your peer responses. Be sure to post to 2 peer

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