[Recommended] Suppose 36 Participants Complete

[Recommended] Suppose 36 Participants Complete

Suppose 36 participants complete an experiment where ads are presented subliminally during a task (e.g. Coke ads are flashed at very fast rates during movie ads). Participants are then given a recognition test of images of the ads, where two images are presented and participants must choose which of the two was presented earlier. Both men and women (18 of each gender) participate in the study and the researcher predicts that the recognition accuracy will differ across gender.

The difference between the sample means in this study was 6%. The SS for the men was 250 and the SS for the women was 150.

1)  State the alternative and null hypothesis for this study.

2)  Is this a one or two-tailed test? Explain your answer.

3)  What is the sample t score for this study?

4)  What decision should the researcher make about the hull hypothesis in this study and what can the researcher conclude about their prediction from this decision?

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