[Recommended] Summary Article Presentationsyour Final

[Recommended] Summary Article Presentationsyour Final

Assignment Instructions:

  1. Perform a search for scholarly peered reviewed articles or other publications from reputable sources (as discussed in class)
  2. For each publication you must use the Word template provided.  You can type in your responses into the template for submission
  3. Please be brief, concise, but thorough with your responses
  4. Ensure that when you include the citation for source at the end of template, that it is in the proper APA format
  5. If there is question in the template that does not apply to your publication, please put N/A and the rationale as to why
  6. The information from this template is what you will present to the class for the Summary Article Presentations
  7. Your final grade for this Summary Article will be based on turning in the Summary Article and performing the accompanying presentation.  Your grade will be given after your in-class presentation.  Your grade will be based on the content of your Summary Article and quality of your presentation.  Please see rubric below.

Article Topic: Find aircraft accident with is related with maintenance dirty dozen

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