[Recommended] Substantive Posting Risk Assessment

[Recommended] Substantive Posting Risk Assessment


 Post a total of three (3) substantive responses on any one day of the week or throughout the week, this will include your initial response and two (2) other responses to other students. Please review Keys to Success regarding the requirements for the expectations and requirements for what qualifies as a substantive posting

 Risk Assessment  

  • Describe best practices for using needs assessments to support offenders.
  • Is it possible for a needs assessment to be used in a way that offenders are disadvantaged by it?
  • Describe situations where that can happen and additional best practices that should be followed to prevent those situations from occurring.

Needs assessments are an essential part of the support that individuals in the criminal justice system rely upon. Needs assessments will help identify what programs and services can help reduce the risk of recidivism for each individual. They also help make sure the right individuals are in the right programs. 


For this assignment, you have the role of community supervisor. You need to submit a 700- to 1,050-word report that summarizes a needs assessment and recommendations for programs for your client, James, for judicial review. You should read about your client’s background.

Clients back ground is attached

Specifically, your report should do the following: 

  • Select a needs assessment methodology for the client.
  • Justify the selection of the needs assessment methodology.
  • Apply the needs assessment methodology to the client.
  • Summarize a risk assessment for the client.
  • Recommend specific programs for the client.
  • Analyze program elements and requirements (day program or residential, etc.).
  • Analyze the programs for the ability to meet the needs of the individual/fill in gaps in services for the individual.
  • Justify program recommendations by showing evidence of the effectiveness of the recommended programs.
  • Justify program recommendations by discussing how the program will help the client with their specific needs.

Cite at least 2 resources using APA format.

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