[Recommended] Substance Use Disorders Https

[Recommended] Substance Use Disorders Https



Part 1: Please participate in one of the following – training options and then write a critical appraisal of the training. As you participate in the training, you may want to take notes to help with Part 2 of this assignment. 

A. An Australian training on adolescent brain adaptation in the presence of drugs. Note that no registration is required and handouts are available to download in addition to the training itself.


B.  Partnering to Support Families Affected by Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders. If you are interested in NAS/NOWS or pregnancy you may prefer this video to options A or C.


C.  Resources to Support Families in Child Welfare Affected by Opioid and Other Substance Use Disorders

Part 2: 

– Please share the top 5 learning points from this training or webinar with the class. Describe the way this information can help to inform your work (present, future, or imagined) with your clients and their families. You are encouraged to share any concerns you might have from this training as well. 

When you respond to classmates, please respond to classmates who have chosen a different training/ webinar than you have chosen.

Initial Post Prompt:

Your initial discussion board post should be between 250 – 350 words in length. Be sure to use APA style and format If you use in-text citations and references. You should also include a descriptive subject line in this initial post.

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