[Recommended] Study Daily 16 Self

[Recommended] Study Daily 16 Self


Study daily 16

Self-Directed Learning Plan (SDLP)


It is important to develop your professional goals as an FNP

Design a learning plan to help you achieve your unique goals.

Learning Plan:

Identify your anticipated nursing role.

List your professional goals (3–5 years from now).

Identify the Knowledge, Skills, and Accomplishments needed for FNP. A minimum of three items should be listed for each of the Knowledge, Skills, and Accomplishments.

List knowledge that prepares a graduate student for an FNP (minimum of 3 items)

List Skills that prepare a graduate student for an FNP (minimum of 3 items)

In a table form:

Discuss at least three Strengths to Leverage. In a tabular form

-Strength to leverage

-Course learning goals for each strength to leverage

-course outcome for each 

Discuss at least one Area to Develop. 

-Area to develop

-Course learning goals for each area to develop

-Course outcome for each area

Accomplishments that prepare a graduate student for an advanced nursing role (minimum of three items)

Write a reflection that discusses what you learned in this course and expect to learn in your program that will help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Provide an evaluation of how your SDLP can provide for lifelong learning. The reflection should be a minimum of 300 words.

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