[Recommended] Storms Disproportionately Impact Vulnerable

[Recommended] Storms Disproportionately Impact Vulnerable

Gender and racial/ethnic status are variables that contribute to one’s vulnerability status.  For each, identify and describe three reasons why these variables contribute to vulnerability (10 points).

Describe a minimum of three stressors that vulnerable populations face post-disaster (10 points).

As an emergency manager, identify five steps would you take to meet the needs of vulnerable or special populations in your community (10 points)?

Why is social capital key in addressing disaster prevention and risk reduction (10 points)?

Identify and describe a minimum of three ways in which people with disabilities experience vulnerability across the disaster life cycle (10 points).

Identify 5 lessons learned from various disasters affecting children.  Provide specific examples from various disasters (10 points).

How can organizations active in disaster planning, emergency management, and long-term recovery be more responsive to the specific needs of children and the elderly (10 points)?

Discuss how hurricanes and other storms disproportionately impact vulnerable populations.  Using the disaster cycle, illustrate examples of vulnerability during each phase (30 points).

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