[Recommended] Staff Used Language Like

[Recommended] Staff Used Language Like

Source: ABA, Autism, Psychology

Task: 25 client treatment notes

Length: One paragraph (4-6 lines)

Deadline: 3 days or less

Please see samples below:

Sample 1:  It was out first session after a week of no school, so we spent most of the session reestablishing expectations for performance during our meetings. At the beginning, client had a difficult time initiating tasks (and adjusting/settling into the daily routine), but after some redirection from staff, he was able to complete the tasks.

Sample 2:  We had a productive session at the center today. Client worked on pointing to which color blocks he wanted. When client was difficult, staff used language like “first work… then video,” and worked on antecedent strategies to improve client’s maladaptive behavior. Client also did very well with responding to name with prompt. We were also able to collect lots of data during playtime. After a quick bathroom break, client had sensory and movement activities. During social skills client did arts and crafts with the group.

Sample 3: So proud of my client today. Besides being on his best behavior, he helped staff during circle time by encouraging peers to participate during activities. Client also exceeded staff’s expectations when he completed 6 programs during DTT, and was actively involved in-group play.

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