[Recommended] Specific Character Actions

[Recommended] Specific Character Actions


After reading about the different critical approaches to literature, choose one of the stories that we have read this term and apply one of those approaches. Examples of a critical approach can be historical or cultural significance, feminism, gender studies, etc. In 250 words, discuss which approach you chose and support yourself. Be sure to include the following:

1. Title and author of the text.
2. Critical approach and a brief (2-3 sentence) definition.
3. Provide 2-3 specific examples from the text that support your choice.

· This could include:

o Author influence. Kate Chopin has often been studied with a feminist filter.

o Certain word choices.

o Specific character actions or beliefs.

o The purpose or message of the story. 

o Anything that made you think, “Oh! This could be feminism/historical context/cultural studies!”

4. Why did you choose this particular critical approach? Is it one that you are particularly interested in?

After writing your post, be sure to review and edit before clicking “Submit.” 

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