[Recommended] Social Media Announcement

[Recommended] Social Media Announcement


This final project will engage you in the process of strategic communication planning. You will create your own strategic communication plan for an event, crisis, or positive development following the planning model elaborated on in Chapter 6. You will complete your project by designing a method by which you can assess the success or failure of your project.

The topic will be regarding a situation currently in the news. It is your job to fix the issue… or propose a way to fix the issue for this group or company. 

Step One: Strategic Level – What are your desired outcomes? What do you want your audience or stakeholders to think/feel/know/do.  What is it that you want to see happen? What are your goals… both short-term and long-term.  What do you think your audience’s goals are?

Step Two:  Operational Level – Be descriptive.  Provide the steps that must be taken to reach your goals.  What is the best manner, time, message, and channel (messenger) to reach your goals?  Be sure to anticipate what your audience may say, what problems or issues may arise, and how will you respond/react.  Provide at least one roadblock and an alternative way to your goal around this roadblock.

Step Three: Tactical Level – Write an actual plan.  What will you say to people (write a press release or news announcement or social media announcement)?  Let them know in detail what can be expected.

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