[Recommended] Simply Use Statistics Provided

[Recommended] Simply Use Statistics Provided

Please see attached documents.
Instructions : 

Each student will post an Excel spreadsheet to Canvas

that provides original data organized in a chart, and

displays data in a graph. Guidelines for data


Data must be publicly available, or, you must

have permission in writing to share that data


Projects are not going to be submitted to the IRB

for approval, thus must focus on publically

available data or surveys.

Sources must be properly cited.

Do not simply use statistics provided in a

published study.

No experiments on humans or animals are


Collect data based off of Document SEA PROPOSAL. Hypothesis test needed to be performed will be a comparison of proportions of children who take and do not take ascorbic acid.

Rubric Attached.

Example attached for how data collection should look and be explained. 

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