[Recommended] See Three Clear Parts

[Recommended] See Three Clear Parts


  • Create a thesis statement that includes the refined topic + argument/assertion + 3-point map.
  • Post your thesis statement to this discussion.
  • Critique the thesis statements of your peers. 
    • Do you see three clear parts?
    • Do you see the three points?
    • Are any of the points too similar (each point should be a separate idea)?
    • Do you have questions about the topic?
    • Did you find any research on the topic (this will benefit your classmate and be good research practice for you :))?

Peer’s discussion post:


Hello everybody,

For this discussion post I will be making a thesis statement about music. I chose this topic because I’ve always been fascinated by music and was a part of a choir in high school, so I thought this would be a good chance to learn more about it.

Topic: Music

Refined Topic: Music is the best form of art.

Thesis Statement: Music is the best form of art because it is universal, easily created by anyone, and requires no external tool to create.

Topic Sentence with transition words:

  • (Body Paragraph 1) First, music is universal and able to be found in any culture around the world
  • (Body Paragraph 2) Furthermore, most people are able to sing, although there are different levels of being able to sing.
  • (Body Paragraph 3) Finally, no external tools are required to make music which makes it more accessible than other types of art.

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