[Recommended] Resources Include 4 Network

[Recommended] Resources Include 4 Network

IT Project

This project simulates the Analysis and Planning needed to provide IT services for a new building. The student must submit a Project Schedule based on the Project Requirements and details below.

  1. Using the attached MS Word table template, create a project schedule. The project schedule will need the following columns: WBS; Task #; Task Action; Duration; Predecessor; and Resources.
  2. Do not go beyond the scope identified below. The project only covers tasks identified below.

Background: IT has been notified that a new office building is ready for occupancy. All telecommunication cables are in place. Rooms are equipped to provide access to the network once the network servers are installed. Wireless routers are installed throughout the building to provide wireless access once the network servers are installed. VOIP phones and vendor-supplied networked copier are already ordered.

NOTE: note specifications may contain multiple actions/tasks. Break them down into separate rows and group similar actions into a block of tasks (i.e., Purchase Resources; Setup Equipment; etc.).

Project Specifications:

• Purchase, setup, deploy and test network servers that will be managed in the new building’s IT area. o Setup includes loading and testing network software at corporate IT before deployment.
o Test network servers in the new building after deployment.
o NOTE: Network servers must be installed and operational before other devices can be tested

for internet and wireless connectivity.

  • Purchase, setup, deploy and test Desktop PCs and Laptops in offices, labs and administrative areas.
    o Setup includes loading and testing corporate software at corporate IT before deployment. o Test all systems and ensure they can access the network once deployed.
    o Test all wireless systems and ensure they can access the wireless routers.
  • Purchase, deploy and test wireless Projectors.
    o Test all Projectors to ensure desktops can access them via direct cabling. o Test all Project to ensure mobile laptops can access them wirelessly.
  • Purchase, deploy and test VOIP phones (they use the network to receive/generate phone calls). o Test all phones to ensure they function properly across the network.
  • Test networked Printers/Copiers once they are delivered by the lease vendor.
    o Test all printers/copiers to ensure they can print documents sent across the network.
    The COO has determined the following rules to facilitate occupancy:
  • IT Area must be ready first. Deploy and test network servers and desktop PC three weeks before any
    other location.
  • Administrative Areas must be ready second. Deploy and test their desktop PCs and VOIP phones one
    week before remaining locations.

    • Conference & Meeting Rooms must be ready third. Deploy and test their desktop PCs, VOIP
      phones and wireless projectors five days before the remaining locations.
    • Offices and labs are last. Deploy and test their desktop PCs, VOIP phones and wireless projectors

before occupancy.

Project Details: The new building includes the IT Area, Computer Labs, Administrative Areas, Individual Offices, a Conference Room, and a Public Meeting Room.

IT Area: resources include

  • 4 network servers
  • 1 desktop PC
  • 2 laptops
  • 2 VOIP phones
    Administrative Areas: 2 administrative areas will each have
  • 4 workstations, each with a desktop PC, networked via a network port
  • a VOIP phone for each of the 4 workstations
  • a vendor-supplied networked copier
    Conference Room. The conference room has
  • a wireless ceiling-mounted Projector
  • network connectivity via a network cable and a wireless access point
  • a VOIP phone
    Meeting Room. The meeting room has
  • a wireless ceiling-mounted Projector
  • 1 desktop PC with network connectivity via a network cable.
  • 2 VOIP phones (one near the lectern and the other wall mounted at the entrance
    Individual Offices: 40 offices will each have
  • a desktop PC networked via a network port
  • a VOIP phone
    Computer Labs: 2 computer labs will each have
  • a wireless ceiling-mounted Projector
  • a desktop PC, networked via a network port, and directly cabled to the Projector
  • 25 desktop PCs networked via a network port
  • a VOIP phone
  • a vendor-supplied networked copier
    Personnel Assignments
    PC Specialist (equipment purchase, software setup and PC support):
    o purchase, setup and installation of new laptops and desktop computers and corporate software o purchase of all projectors
    o work with Network Specialist to ensure network access is available on all computers and
    networked printers

Network Specialist (Telecomm support):
o setup and installation of network servers and all VOIP phones
o work with PC Specialist to ensure network access is available on all computers and networked


AV Specialist (A/V requirements):
o Installation of all wireless projectors

o work with PC Specialist to ensure projectors can be accessed by appropriate computers

Take time to think about how the work of the Specialists will be conducted.

  • Understand how the occupancy rules affect the schedule timeline.
    o Since some locations are occupied at different times, handle the deployment and testing of resources for each location separately (i.e. IT Area separate from Admin Area; Conference Room, Meeting Room, etc.).
  • Make sure you satisfy all project specifications.
  • The PC Specialist, Network Specialist and AV Specialist can be completing tasks concurrently and it is quite
    possible that one specialist will have to wait while another specialist completes a task.

• The schedule must include a milestone for each block of tasks (Purchase Resources, Setup Equipment,

Deploy and Test).
o Each resource (network servers, computers, projectors) must be purchased separately since

they will come from different vendors. The VOIP phones and third-party network printers are

already ordered and just need to be tested once they arrive.
o Note: a single task may be used for a resource that is tested at a specific time (i.e. the testing of

all computers for administrative areas can be a single task; or the testing of all computer for the 2 computer labs can be a single task). However, a single task cannot be used when an action must be done during different occupancy periods (i.e., testing of IT Area resources is a separate task from testing of Administrative Areas, etc. since they take occupancy at different times.)

  • Task Actions must start with a verb and describe the action (i.e., Test VOIP phones) o Milestones do not start with verbs and have a zero duration.
  • When creating the schedule, use your best guess in determining Duration. Use a single measure (i.e., min.) for all tasks.
  • Resources must include both the people (title of the IT Specialist) and specific resource(s).
  • When creating Predecessors, point to the respective Task # (not the WBS number). It is not necessary
    to include a task that is already a predecessor of another task (i.e. consider the following tasks: 1: Order food, 2: Eat food, 3: Cleanup. The predecessor for 2 is 1. The predecessor for 3 is 2 (i.e. 2 already has a predecessor of 1).

o Note: be careful about predecessors. Not only are they directly related to the tasks that proceed them within a Milestone but they may be directly related to tasks within other Milestones (example: network servers must be operational before other equipment can be tested for network connectivity – look for other dependencies described above).

• The WBS should be completed once the schedule is in its final version.

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