[Recommended] Report Negative Findings Words

[Recommended] Report Negative Findings Words


1) Complete the 24 tables that correspond to 24 diagnoses of pediatric patients.

All information can be copied and pasted from google, as long as it addresses the information in the table

There will no be plagiarism check

________________Use the example in the first box to guide your work (See file 1)_____________


1. Use only medical terminology

2. All patients must be pediatric

3. Fill in all the boxes

4. It should focus on the findings that a doctor would find during a consultation according to each diagnosis

5. The findings must match the age and pathology of the patient

6. Just report the findings.

7. A minimum of 3 lines is required in each system finding

************************************Not allowed****************************

Don’t count the words

Don’t count the pages

Do not use colloquial terminology or popular jargon

Do not change the format of the tables

Do not send incorrect information

Do not use 3xams, t3sts, or labs

Do not repeat information in any of the boxes

No citations or referrals required

Do not  report negative findings

Words like normal or regular are not supported

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