[Recommended] Religion Politics Health Care

[Recommended] Religion Politics Health Care

Create an outline for a persuasive speech
Persuade the audience about a question of fact, value, or policy.  You are expected to write your speech from “scratch.” The idea is to learn the speech process by selecting the topic, analyzing the audience, preparing (researching and outlining) the speech, and delivering the speech.Topics that you should avoid:

  • Religion
  • Politics
  • Health care
  • Depressing subjects

Note: Speaking on political or religious topics (abortion, capital punishment, marijuana, same-sex marriage, war, etc.) is rarely effective. People have deep-rooted feelings on these topics that have developed over many years. You are not likely to change anyone’s mind in a six- to eight-minute speech; however, you might create a hostile audience.  Focus on a question of fact, value, or policy that is politically and religiously neutral. Finally, depressing subjects are a bummer; pick something fun and exciting.

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