[Recommended] Read Classmates Post

[Recommended] Read Classmates Post

Read classmates post and respond in 50 words; 

Three types of radiology guidelines are professional, technical, and global. Professional is the services of the physician and includes supervision, interpretation, or written reports. In this case the claim would only include the professional portion. Technical is the service of the technologist, use of all equipment or supplies in a claim. Global is the combination of professional and technical components (C.B. Saunders, 2022). A scenario of a global component would be if a radiology procedure is done by a clinic where they own their own equipment, have contracted technologists and reads or interprets their own radiology reports and xray results. 

Carol J. Buck, Saunders (2022).  Step-by-Step Medical Coding, by Carol J. Buck, Saunders

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