[Recommended] Provide Examples Using Scenes

[Recommended] Provide Examples Using Scenes

Videos: : Tragedy Lessons from Aristotle and A Character Has 4 Pivotal Moments To Change In A Movie 

D the character before his/her/their transformation. 

 D the exact scene or scenes when the character transforms him, her, themselves. 

 D the obstacles he/she/they overcome.

 Is there a recognition or reversal as described by Aristotle?

What were the lessons learned by the character? 

 Does the observer experience a catharsis, as described by Aristotle when watching this film?

 What can an observer learn about the character and the transformation? 

Provide examples using scenes in the film.

 Did the character’s transformation relate to your own life? If so, how? 

Can you apply any of the lessons learned to your own life? If so, how? 

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