[Recommended] Proper Evidences

[Recommended] Proper Evidences

Need to backup this attached solution with proper evidences..



  1. Review the rubric to make sure you understand the criteria for earning your grade. You can learn more about the specific skills being assessed by reviewing the links in Problem-Based Learning Resources(new tab).
  2. Prior to working on your Problem Research and Solution Marketing Testing assignment, be sure to read and review all articles and readings listed on the Problem Overview(new tab) page as well as the following chapters in the course textbook: Marketing Strategy: A Decision-Focused Approach.
    1. Chapter 12, “Organizing and Planning for Effective Implementation”
    2. Chapter 13, “Measuring and Delivering Marketing Performance”
  3. Each team member must choose one of the four marketing strategies from their Step 3 Problem Strategy and Solution Formulation Analysis. Carefully plan so each team member has a different marketing strategy and that all four marketing strategies are assigned to a team member. If there are more than four team members on your team, two team members can work together on one marketing strategy.
  4. The team member will use a combination of primary research and secondary research on how to test their individual marketing strategy.
    1. Primary research: Conduct a focus group of your DBA classmates via Zoom for feedback about your proposed marketing strategy. You can also use Survey Monkey to create a survey to obtain feedback from your DBA classmates about your individual marketing strategy.
    2. Secondary research: Examine research sources, such as sources in the database through OCLS, on how to test potential marketing strategies. For example, what are some best practices in marketing to test possible marketing strategies?
  5. This assignment includes the following sections:
    1. Methods to Test Solutions
    2. Analysis of Testing
    3. Recommendation for Final Solution
  6. Methods to Test Solutions (two pages)
    1. Each team member will provide an overview of their methods to test their individual marketing strategy. Include both your primary and secondary research. Use the name of the marketing strategy as a subsection header for a total of four subsections.
    2. Include the questions used in focus groups and/or survey questions in the appendices of this assignment.
  7. Analysis of Testing (four pages)
    • Each team member will provide a one-page analysis of their feedback from their focus group and/or survey and from their secondary research. Use the name of the marketing strategy as a subsection header for a total of four subsections. 
  8. Recommendation for Final Solution (two pages)
    1. Based on your analysis, which of the four marketing strategies do you recommend?
    2. What is your rationale for making this recommendation?
    3. What is the anticipated impact on your selected organization with this marketing strategy?
    4. What marketing metrics can the organization use to measure the outcome of your recommended solution?
  9. Requirements:
    1. The body of the document is not to exceed eight pages.
    2. Clearly indicate team members’ contributions.
    3. Research requirement:
      1. Primary research requirement: one focus group or survey for each marketing strategy
      2. Secondary research requirement: a minimum of 10 credible and applicable sources. The course textbook can be used as a source in this paper, and the balance of your sources need to be sources that are not provided in this course. For example, organizational websites, OCLS, Google scholar, trade organizations, etc.
  10. Edit your paper. Verify that the content per the instructions is included and that all direct quotes and paraphrases have been properly cited and referenced. Review the entire paper for APA formatting and English grammar standards.
  11. Retain a copy of the completed Problem Research and Solution Marketing Testing document for your records, and one person from the team must submit the deliverable to the assignment submission page no later than the end of Workshop Five.


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