[Recommended] Professors Provide Two Resources

[Recommended] Professors Provide Two Resources

Please help me to Correction my Executive Summary Draft, Refer to the sample I provided!

Here are comments to guide my revision of the report: 

1. Use a running header that consists of a shortened version of the report title; please see the example Executive Summary. 2. Include a blank line between paragraphs. 3. Delete findings and background material from the first paragraph. 4. Focus on presenting only major findings of strategies for increasing workplace mindfulness; delete other details that can be read in the report. The summary is a synopsis or abstract. 4. Explain how you located the report sources in the second paragraph. ( Professors provide two resources, and one is from the university online library) 

  using this exampel:

On January 27, 2020, Dr. XXXXXXXX, Professor of Management at XXXXXX University, Los Angeles, authorized a study to look at strategies for managing workplace stress and increasing wellbeing. 

Secondary data for the study was gathered from online databases and the Internet. 

Findings show that workplace stress can have a negative impact not only on work performance but also on overall health. The following shows what strategies can be implemented into daily life to lessen the effects of workplace stress: 

1. Foster personal relationships by spending more time with family, friends, or significant others. 

2. Participate in preferred physical activities often. 

3. Participate in enjoyable leisure activities. 

4. Establish boundaries by separating work life and home life. 

5. Seek support from mental health professionals or contact a supervisor who can create a better work environment. 

It is concluded that these are all viable options to consider when looking for ways to destress and improve mental and physical health. For greater overall wellbeing, it is recommended that these steps be taken to manage the challenges of workplace pressures.   

Ⅳ.Three resources are:

1. Being Intentional About Workplace Mindfulness Programs(attached)  

2. Promoting Sustainability: The Effects of Workplace Mindfulness Training (attached) 

3.  A Workplace Mindfulness Intervention May Be Associated With Improved Psychological Well-Being and Productivity. A Preliminary Field Study in a Company Setting (  https://www.frontiersin.org/articles/10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00195/full )

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