[Recommended] Previous Weeks ’ Assignments

[Recommended] Previous Weeks ’ Assignments


Assessment is key to learning where a child is in his or her development, learning what the child knows, and learning where you need to go next with your lessons. It does not serve students well to have a lesson without assessment and not using assessment to guide your next steps. Based on your previous research on intervention assessments and strategies, you will now create an assessment scenario for your peers to attempt to answer.

Base this on your research, your knowledge of the assessment, and condition, as well as the age of the child and learning environment. Challenge your peers, but also provide enough information to guide the choice. Choose a scenario to respond to what challenges you as well. Your score comes from your posts, rationales, and feedback, not whether you select the right assessment in your response!

To prepare:

  • Review and reflect on the four listed articles for this module and the recommended Learning Resources.
  • Create a brief scenario/case study based on your research and readings from the previous weeks’ assignments that will require your peers to choose an assessment that is appropriate for the situation. Give enough information on the child and the situation, but not so much as to provide an answer quickly. Make sure you indicate the age of the child.

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