[Recommended] Prepare Approximately 15 Slides

[Recommended] Prepare Approximately 15 Slides


the analysis of the data you’ve chosen. The assignment due this week is simply an outline/template for your final presentation in MS PowerPoint format.

You should prepare approximately 15 slides, outline below is suggested:

  • Cover Slide
  • Agenda
  • [Name of Your Data Set] (discuss the data chosen and who would benefit from this analysis)
  • [Visualization slides – at least 8-12 viz’] (display a screenshot of the viz created in Tableau – each of these slides should include not only the viz but also a brief description of it, the trend you’ve found or other important things you’ve found in the data – you will explain in greater detail when you record your presentation for the final submission)
  • [Data Set Dashboard – 1 dashboard] (this will be one dashboard displaying the most important viz’s you created. You will explain in greater detail the dashboard and how it could be used for the identified stakeholders of such data.)
  • Conclusion – based on your findings, what would next steps be to dig into an issue you’ve found, or interesting trends? Are there any predictions that could be implied based on your findings? These are just some questions to help you formulate your conclusion.

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