[Recommended] Peer Review Worksheet Assessment

[Recommended] Peer Review Worksheet Assessment

Persuasive Assignment: Peer Review Worksheet

 Assessment Description

Review the media piece “Peer Review Using Rubrics.” https://www.youtube.com/embed/videoseries?list=PLUILpQb1wc4fV7fRmJKGIiLzFWbTbtGSC

Follow the directions outlined in the media piece to complete this learning activity which is designed to provide practice using a rubric when peer reviewing.

Review the first draft of the person who posted his/her first draft directly above yours in the Peer Review forum. PLEASE SEE THE ATTACHED DOCUMENTS.

Complete the Peer Review Worksheet for the assignment draft you reviewed.

Please submit the completed worksheet.   

Review the criteria at the bottom of the Peer Review Worksheet to ensure successful completion of this assignment.

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