[Recommended] Part 2 Chapter 12

[Recommended] Part 2 Chapter 12

Part 1

  1. What type of PAC does Coastal Medical Center (CMC) provide? What is its competition in this area?
  2. Outline a PAC plan appropriate for CMC.
  3. Who should be involved in strategic planning for PAC services, and at what point should strategic planners involve them?
  4. How will you know if CMC’s PAC plan is a success?

The book im using

Harrison, J. P. (2016). Essentials of strategic planning in healthcare. Chicago: Health Administration Press.

Part 2 

Chapter 12- Pay for Performance and Healthcare Value Paradigm

Chapter 13-The Future of Healthcare

Question 1 

Discuss the three pillars of Donabedian’s model for healthcare quality assurance. Does this model have practical applications today, given the current focus on healthcare value?

Question 2

What is individualized medicine and does it bring any value in a competitive market?

View Video: Living better, living longer and Personalizing care, preventing disease: http://mayoresearch.mayo.edu/center-for-individualized-medicine/personalized-medicine.asp

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