[Recommended] Parametric Research Question Question

[Recommended] Parametric Research Question Question

Will be crossed referenced through turn it in and course hero for plagiarism. 

Readd Paragraph. Answer questions.

Question 1

The purpose of the current study was to evaluate the efficacy of errorless teaching, prompt delay, reinforcement, and multiple exemplar training on the acquisition, generalization, maintenance, and independent use of a problem‐solving strategy that involved a textual/pictorial activity schedule with four adolescents with ASD.

 Answer the following questions: SIMPLE SENTENCES

a) What is/are the independent variable(s) 

b) What is/are the dependent variable(s) 

c) Who are the participants   

d). Write a demonstration research question

e) Write a parametric research question 


  1. Read Wu et al. (2019) and answer the following questions. (ATTACTHED)

a) What is/are the dependent variable(s)? 

b) What is/are the independent variable(s)?  

c) Who is the population? 

d) Describe the IOA collection and results. Did IOA help the experimenters adjust any errors? 

e) What design was used?

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