[Recommended] Pages Chapter 1 Page

[Recommended] Pages Chapter 1 Page

Please make sure to do the below paper and ppt from the Banking project related to the IT team only.

Part One: Description of Organization

Part Two: Problems and/or Opportunities

Part Three: Recommendations for Team

Please go through the attached docs which are from the textbook and update the paper and PowerPoint as per the attached document only

Also for Part 1, we need to use the below pages

chapter 1 page 15

chapter 1 page 17

page 33 chapter 2

page 34 chapter 2

page 59

For Part 2 and Part 3, we need to follow below pages

page 121 

page 138

page 156

page 157

page 173

page 197

page 208

Task 1 : 

Based on the above 3 parts, we need to write 7 pages for each part in the length double spaced APA format (Total 21 pages

Please make sure to do “5 Problems/opportunities for Part 2” and “5 recommendations for Part 3“. You can find information in the textbook.

Below are recommendations for Task 1:

Understand your attitudes about the use of teams at work.  Do you believe that teams are an effective way to work?  Do you enjoy the social aspects of teamwork?  The answers to these questions may help you decide how you want to participate in teams. 

Why are some teams successful and others unsuccessful? Discuss your experiences as a team leader or a participant of successful and/or unsuccessful teams. 

What are the three most important issues for you (the team leader) to focus on at the beginning of the team project?

What should happen at the first meeting? 

In the discussion forum, post an initial thread concerning the three criteria used to define team success and the relevancy of the team success model in your organization.  

What are the primary causes of the team’s problems?  Are these mostly social or task issues?

What team problem should the team leader focus on first for improvement?

How should you try to improve the performance of the team? 

Task 2 :

We need to create PowerPoint  Presentation for 17 slides(Each part has at least 5 slides).

Below are the recommendations for Task 2 :


 What factors influence who becomes a team’s leader? 

 As a team leader, which type of power best describes your approach to solving a conflict? 

What is your conflict resolution style? How can your style have both a positive and negative team effect? 

 What are two negative effects of team competition? What suggestions would you offer to a team to help them deal with the negative effects of competition? 

 Discuss the main advantages and disadvantages in using groups to make decisions.  What factors make group decisions superior to individual decisions?   

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