[Recommended] One Blank Line

[Recommended] One Blank Line

Draft 4 


Include a revised or current outline (most outlines which have been submitted so far need revision) at the beginning of your document and begin the draft of the report on a new page.  At the end of the draft include all references you have found related to your topic which have an in text citation in the text of the paper.

The paper at this point should essentially be the final paper and meet all the requirements here.      All requirements stated for Drafts 2 and 3 apply to this draft.  In addition, this draft must include in-text citations for every reference at the end of the paper.  If your final paper does not have in-text citations the paper will not be accepted and the grade will be zero.  All URLs in the references must be  hyperlinks.

If you have a question about the order of the references at the end of the paper read the material at the following link.  However, do not double space the references as suggested, just single space them with one blank line between each references.  Do not justify this section of the paper.

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