[RECOMMENDED]: nursing

[RECOMMENDED]: nursing

Directions: Write a formal 1-2 page in APA format that addresses the following:

1. Select an issue that affects today’s health care system. This can be at a community, state, or national level.  Please write a paragraph about the issue and its impact on you as a nurse and/or the nursing profession.

2. Choose at least 4 sources that view the issue from each of the opposing sides (minimum of 4 sources total).

3. Write a 1-2 paragraph(s) that compare and contrast the pros and cons of policy change regarding your identified health care issue. Use the references from step #2 to support your statements. 

4. Write a paragraph explaining which side you choose to support and how you believe that will impact health care at a local or national level.

5. List the steps you would take to advocate for policy change. This must include a person and/or group at the community, state or federal level that could assist in advocacy. This should serve as a roadmap to help your cause.

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