[Recommended] Module Part Https

[Recommended] Module Part Https


Module part

Researchers at Harvard have developed over a dozen tests for measuring implicit bias related to race, sexuality, disability, religion, and other forms of prejudice as part of Project Implicit. Visit the projects Take a Test site (link below) and take TWO of the IATs (one must be the Race IAT) (you may also choose to take other tests). After you view your results, reflect on the test itself, your experience taking the test, and your interpretation of the results.


Answer the following 6 questions in the submission text box

  1. Summarize the module readings in one paragraph (don’t be vague)
  2. Define implicit bias in your own words
  3. What additional test did you take? What were your results for both tests?
  4. Have you ever thought about what biases you have and how they shape how you interact with others? why or why not? 
  5. What are your thoughts about this activity? (feelings, responses, etc)
  6. Was this activity eye-opening? why or why not?

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