[Recommended] Module Discussion Boardhrm Professionals

[Recommended] Module Discussion Boardhrm Professionals

 Module Discussion Board

HRM professionals must plan to effectively recruit applicants who will be the right “fit” for available positions. Strategic planning and forecasting for recruitment are essential to ensure that the best applicants are selected from the available pool. New trends in recruitment efforts, such as the use of the Internet, have added an element of globalization to this HRM function, making it easier to recruit a diverse workforce. However, recruiting older workers, women, individuals with disabilities, and minorities may still require additional efforts on the part of an HRM professional.

Present the strategies for recruiting and managing a diverse workforce, differentiating between legal compliance and an integrated approach to inclusion within your organization or organization you are familiar with? 


Word count for initial discussion response – 300 words maximum;


A.    Armstrong, M. (2009). Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management and Practice (13th Edition). Kogan page: London.

B.    Fundamentals of Human Resource Management by David A. De Cenzo [2009]

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