[Recommended] Model Statistically Significant –

[Recommended] Model Statistically Significant –

Can someone please help me with this?


I will give link to the data set that you’ll be using to do the assignment.

Assignment due 11:59pm ct tonight, so you have to do it pretty quickly

The analysis/write-up must be a factorial design (include 2 independent variables).  Grading will be partially based on ‘degree of difficulty’.  You may include any data tables you deem relevant (APA format is not necessary for the tables), but the tables must be discussed in the text (more specific is better than more general).  Tables (and figures) must be numbered and referred to in the text.  Do not include tables you do not discuss in the text.  Tables may be included within the text or at the end – still following the aforementioned guidelines.  While the data tables do not need to be in APA format, statistical discussions (F’s and t’s) in the text do need to be in APA format.  A literature review is not required, or requested.  For class/practice purposes, please conduct appropriate follow-up analyses even in main effect and/or interaction is not significant.  Additional details will be discussed in class. 

Some questions you will want to address . . .- Anything of note in frequencies or descriptives?– What is the research question?- What are the independent and dependent variables?- What statistical test did you use, and why?- Have the assumptions been met?- Is your model statistically significant – interaction(s), main effects?  – What are your overall conclusions, concerns, or observations about the model?

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