[Recommended] Minimum 250 Words Per

[Recommended] Minimum 250 Words Per

Case study Discussion questions

   1. Which documents should Maria read before her class?  

2. Based on what you know about ISO 27000 program certification, what are the major  steps of the process Maria will have to oversee? 

Second under Ethical Decision Making, answer the following questions:

  • Should Linda’s history of past improprieties lead Maria to withdraw her support and replace her without giving detailed reasons to Iris?
  • Should Maria’s ethical responsibility to the company lead her to give a full report of her concerns to Iris?
  • Should Maria’s ethical responsibility to Linda lead her to keep these concerns to herself and allow the recommendation to stan


  • Assignment Format: APA format
  • Submission Format: MS Word
  • Length: Minimum 250 words per question 
  • Citations Required: 1 – 2 scholarly citations minimum 

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