[Recommended] May Also Use Reliable

[Recommended] May Also Use Reliable

Watch the youtube video link below

 HBO’s NEWSROOM Opening scene “Why America’s Not the Greatest Country” – YouTube 

Also it could be helpful to watch the first episode of season 1 of the Newsroom if more information is needed

  1. Select 5 pieces of information (listed below) from the video to research.


The video makes the following claims:

  • We’re 7th and literacy
  • 27th and math
  • 22nd in science
  • 49th and life expectancy
  • 178th in infant mortality
  • Third in median household income
  • Number four in the labor force
  • Number four in exports

We lead the world in only three categories:

  • Number of incarcerated citizens per capita
  • Number of adults who believe angels are real
  • And defense spending where we spend more than the next 26 countries combined 25 of whom are our allies

 2. Use .gov sites, and .edu sites to locate data that either verifies or disproves the information provided in the video. You may also use reliable news sources such as the New York Times, The Washington PostThe Economist, BBC, NPR, etc. to verify your information.

 3. Locate at least two valid sources that verify that the information in the video is either correct or incorrect, then complete the attached table by including all of the bibliographic information about the resources you used to check your data.


 Remember when you are doing your research that the video came out in 2012, so you are not confirming current data but rather data that is ten years old.

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