[Recommended] March 27 Service

[Recommended] March 27 Service

You have been asked by the CIO of your organization (Innovative Knowledge, Inc.) to create a new website. The document you create should contain sufficient documenta-tion and template webpages as outlined below. Your templates and supporting docu-mentation are to be delivered to the CTO so that she may direct her staff to build the dynamic website for your organization. Your documentation must include sufficient details so that the VP of networking may begin building the appropriate servers.

Innovative Knowledge is a new organization designed to offer instructional services and documentation to educational institutions for a fee. You realize that doing a good job will bring about a promotion to the VP level of the organization. You realize you will need to perform independent detailed research in order to provide the quality documents neces-sary to impress both the CIO and CTO.

The Final Report is a combination of 4 module assignments and a final report that combines your project to be presented to the CIO and CTO. 

o Assignment 1(Due Date: End of Week 1, March 20): Landing Page – This cen-tral webpage provides the viewer with a two-paragraph summary of the services you offer and linkages to all subsequent web pages. Please provide a screen shot of your landing page and explain in detail what you have done. (100 points)

o Assignment 2(Due Date: End of Week 1, March 27): Service Pages – This page discusses the different services Innovative Knowledge provides (100 points). A link to each of the following pages is required:

• Instructional services for grades 1 through 4.

▪ Instructional services for grades 5 through 8.

▪ Instructional services for grades 9 through 12.

▪ Instructional services for colleges freshman.

▪ Instructional services for colleges sophomore.

▪ Instructional services for colleges junior.

▪ Instructional services for colleges senior.

o Assignment 3(Due Date: End of Week 1, April 3): Materials Pages – This page discusses the different materials Innovative Knowledge provides (100 points). A link to each of the following pages is required:

▪ Instructional materials for grades 1 through 4

▪ Instructional materials for grades 5 through 8

▪ Instructional materials for grades 9 through 12

▪ Instructional materials for college freshman

▪ Instructional materials for college sophomore

▪ Instructional materials for college junior

▪ Instructional materials for college senior

o Assignment 4(Due Date: End of Week 1, April 10): Network proposal providing a detailed network map and supporting documentation that will provide web pages and database access (servers) (100 points).

o Final Research Report(Due Date: End of Week 1, April 24): Should include best practices for building websites. Provide information on which best practices you used during the process. Indicate which ones you should have applied but didn’t. (300 points)

The final research report must be have an introduction, cover page, contents and references supporting evidence (citations from peer-reviewed sources).

This is not an individual assignment. Each student should create their own design. Similar designs will not get any points and will be returned to the students with a zero grade.

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