[Recommended] Many Topical Issues Involving

[Recommended] Many Topical Issues Involving


The way you craft your argument will determine, to a large extent, how you are perceived by your audience. If your argument is well-constructed, well-supported, and appropriately worded to target your specific audience, you will hit a home-run. However, this is much easier to say than to do. There are many pitfalls that might prevent your success. There are many important things to consider when crafting an argument. What is the context for your argument and how does this relate to the goals of the audience? How can your argument best be persuasive? What is the “right” kind of evidence?  Is it okay to appeal to emotions? How do you avoid logical fallacies? How can you improve and support the development of your ethos?

There are many topical issues involving technology, such as privacy, use of data security, streaming, use of media for example. In a report, select a topic and write a persuasive argument following all steps outlined.

I have uploaded samples for you. Please include a brief summary in the beginning and conclusion at the end. I need more than two sources for this writing. 

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