[Recommended] Low Birth Weight Often

[Recommended] Low Birth Weight Often

The purpose of this assignment is to explore the effect of brain growth and development, as well as physical growth and development, on childhood. Examine a range of abilities and disabilities, both biological and physical, that students bring with them to the classroom.

The “Biological and Physical Development Scenarios,” provided in the topic Resources address major factors that influence biological and physical development of children. Choose two scenarios from those provided. In 250-500 words for each scenario, respond to the following:

  • Describe the parts or structures of the brain that cause or are affected by the situation described in the scenario.
  • Explain in depth the genetic disorder or atypical development described in the scenario.
  • Outline the environmental factors surrounding the biological and physical development of the child. Explain how they support or impede development.
  • Discuss the effect the biological or physical disability described will have on classroom learning.

Support your findings with 2-4 scholarly resources.

Scenario 1: Charlie a second grader, shows atypical difficulty in using words to verbally communicate with you and his peers. He also struggles to form relationships and bonds with others. Upon his parents request and thanks to his parents support, he was tested for a disability. The test show that Charlie is likely on the autism spectrum. Charlie is now on an IEP.

Scenario 2: Babies of low birth weight often face certain health conditions later in life(March of Dimes, 2016) Marc, a kindergartener in your class, was born prematurely. Testing suggests that Marc shows signs of low academic performanace and ADHD. His parents are not active in his life, and he is largely raised by his grandmother.

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