[Recommended] Local Issue Involving Nurses

[Recommended] Local Issue Involving Nurses



Nurses are known advocates for their patients and families. A critical trait of a good nurse is to advocate for change; whether it is a change in a hospital policy or change in the general practice of nursing in the country, nurses are at the forefront. Advocating for change on the local level involves advocating for change on the level of the local hospital or clinic where nurses are employed, whereas advocating on the national level consists in advocating for a shift in the national policy. Advocating on the national and local level could resolve a local issue involving nurses nationwide. For example, advocating for a proper nurse-to-patient ratio is frequently an issue at the local hospitals; however, the problem is seen nationwide. With the appropriate nurse-to-patient ratios, there is less risk of errors being committed, patients are treated in safer environments, and job satisfaction also increases, decreasing the turnover and lowering the cost of patient stay at the hospital.

            Another nationwide issue that needs to be addressed is vaccine hesitancy (Alexander, 2022). The number of people vaccinated against COVID 19 has been growing; however, misinformation has slowed the progress. Nurses should advocate for the vaccine and educate the patients regarding the safety and necessity of the vaccine. With vaccination levels increasing, there will be fewer deaths from COVID 19.

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