[Recommended] List Reference Information Using

[Recommended] List Reference Information Using

Use complete sentences and do not answer in outline form. Paragraphs are nice, and you can include a lot of the desired information requested below in a few paragraphs:

Think of some celebrity who died of an accidental overdose of one or more drugs. Do not deal with a suicide case. Accidental death only. 

Celebrity: MILLER: Mac Miller (Malcolm James McCormick), rapper, singer, songwriter, 2018

After you have done some research on your celebrity, address the questions below. Please use paragraphs. Don’t use bullets or an outline format. Write like you might read it in a book or an article.

  1. List the drugs reported to be causal to that person’s overdose and death.
  2. Describe any signs and symptoms of serious drug abuse.
  3. Describe any risk factors that could have contributed to drug use and abuse (such as family history of drug abuse, dysfunctional family, and so on).
  4. Were there any prior criminal charges brought against this individual before his/her death? If so, what were the charges or court recommendations for treatment?
  5. If applicable, what was your reaction to hearing of this person’s death? That is, how did you feel about it and what did you think?
  6. Do you think that knowledge of this person’s accidental death has had any long-term effects?
  7. Find at least one academic journal article (published since the year 2000 or newer) that is related to your celebrity’s death—in general. For example, you may find an journal article revealing that the death of a famous person appears to have no effect in curbing drug-using habits of youth; or a journal article on the toxicity of different combinations of drugs. Be sure you provide enough information so that the reader of your Research Assignment Paper knows you read the whole article, and not merely a summary of it (an Abstract). Cite any strengths or weaknesses you found in the article too please.
  8. List reference information using APA style.

Review the Paper Grading Rubric  in your RESOURCES section. In addition, before you begin your research paper, read the following short handouts available down at the RESOURCES section of your MODULES page:  (1) Definition of an Academic Journal; (2)  APA Style;  (3)  Things to Remember about Your Research Paper; (4) How to Write a Better Research Paper; and (5) Plagiarism and the 6 Word Rule.  Then check out the model papers.  Finally, begin collecting information about your paper and making an outline/writing.

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