[Recommended] List 5 Principles Regarding

[Recommended] List 5 Principles Regarding

book used is history of modern art by arnason & mansfield chapters 13-22

1. Define 5 important traits of Abstract Expressionism.  

2. List 5 principles regarding Dubuffet’s work.  

3. Describe 5 elements of British postwar painting or sculpture. 

4. Describe 5 important elements of the Fluxus movement. 

5. Define how John’s and Rauschenberg’s works led to the Pop movement. 

6. Describe 5 important principles of Minimalist painting. 

1. Write a half page essay (double spaced, 1 ¼ inch margins, 125-150 words) comparing and contrasting (noting similarities and differences) between Aman’s Long Term Parking, 1982 and Judd’s Untitled, 1965 

2. Explain what Hard-Edge painting, Op art and Minimalist painting have in common. Cite works by an artist from each movement in your essay (double spaced, 1 ¼ inch margins, 125-150).

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